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14 Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Drainage System Blockage - Free

Drainage System's Can Clog At Any Time Without Any Regard For Your Schedule. Not only is this annoying, but it can also pose health hazards and even lead to greater inconveniences like air pollution, leakage, and flooding. Maintenance can be used to avoid situations such as these.

A build - up of debris such as cooking oil, fruit seeds, grain, or intrusive mature tree roots can cause your drains to clog. Sometimes, your pipework may be obstruction - free but there could be huge clogs in the main lines

However, By Following These Rules You Can Avoid A Clogged Drain

1. Use a plunger to remove minor clogs quickly and easily.

2. Once or twice every week, raise up the stoppers in your bathtub and clear out whatever debris is in the drain. Don't forget to wash the stopper before putting it back in the drain.

3. If You Lose Hair Easily, Make Sure You Place A Barrier (Mesh) On The Drain Hole Before You Wash Your Hair In The Bathtub Or Sink. Make sure hair does not go into the pipes of the bathroom the same way you prevent food from going down the kitchen sink when you do the dishes.

4. To prevent hair from accumulating in the drains, try brushing your hair ahead of a bath to remove broken strands.

5. Call a plumber to cover your drains with grates Use A Non - Corrosive, Bacteriological Drain Cleaner.

6. It is never a good idea to plant or grow flowers and trees near your drainage system's pipes to lessen clogging due to intrusion of tree roots.

7. Go into a yearly contract with a drainage company, so that, even without calling on them, you can benefit from occasional inspections and servicing of your drainage system. Drainage West Yorkshire offers this kind of contract to people in and around West Yorkshire. The drainage system of your home will benefit from maintenance and telling your family about this is a good idea.

8. Avoid chemical cleaners. They are corrosive and will damage your pipes overtime.

9. Stop Treating Your Drain Like A Dustbin. Dumping materials into it is a no - no.

10. Avoid letting the following substances go into the drain grease, oil, fat, coffee, meat, rice, gum, hair, condoms, medication, cosmetics and similar items.

11. When it comes to your toilet only water, urine and human excretions should go down and nothing else.

12. Periodically, Do Some Easy Cleaning Of Your Own Using A Hooked Coat Hanger To Fish For Loose Material In Your Drains That Could Cause Future Blocking.

13. Pour hot salty water through your sink to prevent grease from amassing in your drain.

14. This is not a comprehensive list, as there are many other things you can do to maintain your drainage system. Just make sure that you go do not use acid solutions.

If you have drain issues and these tips don't help, don't overdo it and damage your drain especially if you don't have a contract with a drainage company. Don's worry about it and call a plumber to have a look. Drainage West Yorkshire professional staff in West Yorkshire are fully equipped to handle all your drainage issues.